Business Development

We help businesses in taking the next step.


Market Screening

We assist our clients in entering new markets through intelligence gathering and opening doors to new commercial opportunities. We support their success by creating access to the relevant stakeholders

Strategic Partnerships

We work with our clients to identify potential strategic partners in specific markets and help them build mutually beneficial relationships with these partners. We believe in the effectiveness of personal relationships.

Communication Management & Networking

We open and maintain the lines of communication between parties and help our clients position themselves vis-à-vis various stakeholders. Any new business venture starts with a conversation. We open the dialog.

Relocation Advisory

We advise our clients throughout the process of relocating their HQ or personal domicile and in building a resilient local network and a “goodwill reservoir” within business, media and politics.

Dr. Thomas Borer

As a former Ambassador of Switzerland to Germany and head of the task force „Switzerland - Second World War“, Dr. Thomas Borer is well known far beyond Swiss borders. Due to his high profile, Dr. Borer enjoys privileged access to most decision-makers in the public, private and media sectors and has an unparalleled private network in Germany and Switzerland with large international corporations and their executives.

Based on my experience in international diplomacy, I maintain high-profile contacts with top-level decision makers from business, politics and the media.

Thomas Borer has been working as a strategic consultant for over 15 years and holds national and international mandates in the fields of public affairs, business development and private equity. In comparison to other consultants, Dr. Borer knows the practice in government, parliament, administration, supervisory authorities and international organisations up close from his 20-year diplomatic career.

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Dominik Bläsi

Team Business Development

Dominik leads the Business Development department at Dr. Borer Consulting. In the area of Business Development, the primary focus is on strategizing and implementing initiatives that foster growth in new and existing business fields. Dominik studied at the University of St. Gallen and has gained experience throughout diverse business sectors and with a variety of clients.  

Why no case study

Dr. Borer Consulting appreciates and respects the wish of its clients to remain unidentified. Holding up our promise of confidentiality we abstain from publishing a case study on our website. If you would like to know more about our public positions, opinions and insights, please refer to our selected articles.


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Our services

Public affairs

In today‘s uncertain, volatile and complex environment, it is mission critical to effectively represent your interests with your stakeholders in politics, media and society. Dr. Borer Consulting helps its clients to achieve their goals by managing their reputation, building trust and mitigating issues that directly affect their business.


Private equity and M&A

Attractive value creation opportunities are often hidden within broad networks of investors and entrepreneurs. Dr. Borer Consulting strategically supports its clients in identifying, accessing and acting on these opportunities. It represents investors at any stage of a transaction process lifecycle from acquisition to divestment.


Business development

Developing your business and meeting the relevant companies and individuals can be frustrating and time intensive. Leveraging its unique network, Dr. Borer Consulting offers its clients privileged access to decision-makers of businesses and politics. For our clients, we create unique opportunities and build networks.