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Swiss Radio and Television SRF, Tagesschau – 13.04.2013: ​​​​EU demands automatic tax information exchange (in German)

The EU tax ministers want to establish the automatic information exchange as international standard. How should Switzerland react? Report with advises from political scientist Dieter Freiburghaus and Thomas Borer, former Swiss Ambassador.

Radio Télévision Suisse, RTS INFO – 13.12.2012: La compagnie minière “Celtique Energie” estime à 50% ses chances de trouver du gaz sous le village de Noiraigue (in French)

Thomas Borer comments on the prospective of finding natural gas underneath the village of Noiraigue in the canton of Neuchâtel. A discovery would be very benenficial for the region and a big advantage for the succes of the new enery strategy of Switzerland.​

Radio Télévision Suisse, Temps Présent​​​ – 13.12.2012: Goodbye banking secrecy! documentary (in French)

Switzerland wants to hold on to its baning secrecy, because it had a share in its prosperity. However, banks and the federal government falter under the pressure from the United States and from european States. In the documentary on the tax row between the Untied States and Swiss Bank​, Thomas Borer is interviewed amongst other persons.

Swiss Television SF, 10vor10 – 12.12.2012: Agreement failed (in German)

The tax agreement between Switzerland and Germany ist definitely buried. What is coming now for Switzerland? Federal President Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf and Thomas Borer, former Ambassador to Germany were present to answer any questions.

TeleZüri, TalkTäglich – 26.11.2012: Tax agreement failed? (in Swiss German)

The upper house of the German parliament said No the to tax agreement with Switzerland last Friday. The dismissive position of the German Social Democratic Party, is considered as election campaign by many. Nevertheless it seems that only a miracle could save the tax agreement with Switzerland. Is this the result of a wrong strategy of Swiss public authorities? Is this a crucial test for Swiss banks and is Switzerland ready to make further concessions?

Swiss Radio DRS, Tagesgespräch – 21.11.2012: Thomas Borer: «In spite of everything, we still have a lot of friends in Germany» (in German)

On Friday the German parliament decides on the disputed tax agreement between Switzerland and Germany. Hardly anyone still believes in its approval. The aircarft noise dsipute is very disputet as well and meets with massive resistance in Germany. What is wrong in the relation between the two coutnries. Elisabeth Pestalozzi talked toThomas Borer.​

Swiss Television SF, Tagesschau – 19.11.2012: Thomas Borer on the tax agreement with Germany (in German)

While politicians are acting eagerly behind the scenes in Berlin for or against the agreement, the question arises: What could Switzerland still achieve on the diplomatic parquet? Statement from Thomas Borer, former Ambassador of Switzerland to Berlin.

Swiss Television SF, Schawinski – 19.11.2012:​ Roger Schawinski talks with Thomas Borer (in German)

He was our prominent Ambassador in Berlin. What are his propositions in order to achieve a tax agreement and find a solution to the aircraft noise dispute with Germany?​

Klubschule Migros, Table Talk – 04.07.2012: ​ Interview with Thomas Borer (in German)

The special event of Migros Club School with distinguished individuals has invited former ambassador Dr. Thomas Borer to its Table Talk. ​Thomas Borer spoke about his experience as a diplomat, relations with the media and his transition to the private sector. He stressed the importance of building an maintaining a network of contacts.

Swiss Television SF, ECO – 08.06.2012: Swiss Economic Forum, Interview with Thomas Borer (in German)

The former ambassador to Germany talks about the difficult negotiations with Germany to conclude a tax agreement. For the negotiations with US authorities he is rather sceptical. Furthermore, he thinks that still more Swiss banks will come under scrutiny of American prosecutors. He also gives his assessment of presidential elections in the US.​

ARD, Anne Will – 09.05.2012: Griechen und Franzosen wählen den Sparkurs ab. Zahlt Deutschland die Euro-Zeche allein? (in German)

Thomas Borer participated in this popular discussion forum in German television together with Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, Hans Eichel, Sahra Wagenknecht, Christoph Butterwegge and Markus Söder. The topic was the euro crisis and its aftermath in Germany, Greece and France.

Swiss Television SF, Tagesschau – 26.01.2012: World Economic Forum, Interview with Thomas Borer (in German)

Dr. Thomas Borer expresses his regret over the resignation of Philipp Hildebrand as chairman of the Swiss National Bank and talks about the difficulty of Switzerland to build up strong personalities in international politics.

Swiss Television SF, Schawinski – 10.10.2011: Thomas Borer is guest in the popular talk show on Swiss television (in German)

Thomas Borer talks about his career as Swiss diplomat, the media affair that led to his resignation as Swiss ambassador in Berlin and his transition to the private sector as a consultant.

Swiss Television SF, Arena – 18.12.2009:​ Thomas Borer is guest in most famous political television debate (in German)

Thomas Borer discusses with This Jenny and Daniel Binswanger on the topic "The top issues of 2009"

Swiss Television SF, Arena – 27.02.2009: Thomas Borer is guest in most famous political television debate (in German)

Thomas Borer discusses with Roger Köppel and Jean Ziegler on the topic "Switzerland: country without leadership?"


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