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Swiss Radio and Television, SRF 4 – 04.06.2015: News at the SEF 2015 (in German)

«Simplify» is the slogan of the Swiss Economic Forum 2015. Getting along in an increasingly complex world is one of the biggest challenges for enterpreneurs. SRF 4 News follows the SEF and speaks with guests from the economy and politics, so with former Ambassador Thomas Borer from min. 15:25 on.

Swiss Radio and Television SRF, baz Standpunkte – 01.02.2015: ​​​​Lobbyism in Berne (in German)

«Basler Zeitung Standpunkte» is a talk show broadcasted on SRF under the program responsability of "Basler Zeitung". Well-known moderators converse with illustrious guest on a current topic in the fields of politics, economy, society and culture. Topic was the influence and the function of lobbyists in Berne.

Swiss Radio and Television SRF, Echo der Zeit – 21.01.2015: ​​​​Interview with Thomas Borer (in German)

Dr. Thomas Borer defends the interests of Kazakhstan in the case about Viktor Khrapunov, an exiled Kazakh living in Switzerland. The facts and an interview with Thomas Borer.

Swiss Radio and Television RTS, Pardonnez-moi – 10.11.2014: Interview with Thomas Borer (in French)

Dr. Thomas Borer was talk guest in "Pardonnez-moi", a broadcast interview, which airs on RTS every sunnday. Darius Rochebin talks with illustrious guests on current topics in the fields of politics, economy, society and culture.

Swiss Radio and Television RTS, Le journal du matin – 07.11.2014: Thomas Borer is the guest of the newsroom (in French)

On the 9th of November 2014 we commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Thomas Borer, former Ambassador in Berlin, comments on the developments after coummunism and the political situation in Germany thoday.

Swiss Radio and Television SRF, 10 vor 10 – 22.07.2014: Sanctions against Russia? (in German)

After the crash of flight MH 17 in the Ukraine Europe and Switzerland discuss about new sanctions against Russia. Thomas Borer comments the political siuation and warns Switzerland to take rash actions. Europe has also good reasons to hesitate.

Swiss Radio and Television SRF, Das war der Tag – 29.04.2014: On the debated lobbying of the Swedish Ambassador for the Gripen (in German)

The Swedish Ambassador to Switzerland influenced Swiss parliamentarians to vote in favour of the Gripen. Statements from FDP president Philipp Müller and members of the National Council Corina Eichenberger and Thomas Hurter. How much lobbying is allowed? An interview with the former ambassador Thomas Borer.

Tele 1, Fokus – 01.04.2014: Tagesgespräch: Swiss taxes under pressure (in Swiss German)

Pressure on the Swiss tax system is increasing from outside. Therefore, topics such as the corporate tax reform III, flat-rate taxation, automatic information exchange were discussed at the 7th BDO tax day in the Swiss Museum of Transport in Luzern. Thomas Borer gave his opinion on this topics on the regional television station Tele 1.

TeleZüri, TalkTäglich – 24.03.2014: Crimean Crisis: Neutral Switzerland? (in Swiss German)

What role should Switzerland take in the Crimean Crisis? The Swiss Federal Council will discuss possible sanctions against Russia on wednesday while Defense Minister Ueli Maurer sees Swiss neutrality threatened by the OSCE Presidency. Former Ambassador Thomas Borer discussed these issues with Roger Köppel, publisher and editor-in-chief of Weltwoche in the daily talk show TalkTäglich.

Swiss Radio and Television SRF, Arena – 28.02.2014: ​​​​Are the Swiss Crazy? (in German)

"These Swiss are crazy!" This statement by the German SPD politician Ralf Stegner caused quite a stir in Switzerland. Is the image of Switzerland tattered after the popular vote against mass immigration? Or can EU politicians just not understand direct democracy in Switzerland? Thomas Borer was a guest in the popular Swiss political talk show "Arena".

Swiss Radio and Television SRF, Tagesschau – 22.02.2014: ​​​​Diplomacy concerning the mass immigration initiative (in German)

Various agreements with the EU have been put on hold after the adoption of the mass immigration initiative. Several Federal Councillors have started a good will tour in the EU - with mixed success. Experienced diplomats evaluate the situation differently, varying from anxiety to optimism.

Radio Télévision Suisse, La 1ère – 27.01.2014: ​​​​Morgning journal – The victourios Swiss (in French)

Dr. Thomas Borer was studio guest in the morning journal on the first radio station of French-speaking Switzerland. For the former ambassador, the victourios Swiss athletes influence the reputation and the image of Switzerland in the world very positively.

Swiss Radio and Television SRF, DOK – 01.05.2013: ​​​​​​​​Goodbye banking secrecy! documentary (in German)

​Switzerland wants to hold on to its baning secrecy, because it had a share in its prosperity. However, banks and the federal government falter under the pressure from the United States and from european States. In the documentary on the tax row between the Untied States and Swiss Bank​, Thomas Borer is interviewed amongst other persons.

Swiss Radio and Television SRF, Tagesschau – 13.04.2013: ​​​​EU demands automatic tax information exchange (in German)

The EU tax ministers want to establish the automatic information exchange as international standard. How should Switzerland react? Report with advises from political scientist Dieter Freiburghaus and Thomas Borer, former Swiss Ambassador.

Radio Télévision Suisse, RTS INFO – 13.12.2012: La compagnie minière “Celtique Energie” estime à 50% ses chances de trouver du gaz sous le village de Noiraigue (in French)

Thomas Borer comments on the prospective of finding natural gas underneath the village of Noiraigue in the canton of Neuchâtel. A discovery would be very benenficial for the region and a big advantage for the succes of the new enery strategy of Switzerland.​


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