Kloster Mariastein – Zusammenkunft 2021


Am Samstag, 25. Oktober 2021, versammelten sich die Mitglieder des Patronatskomitees Projekt Mariastein 2025 im Benediktinerkloster. Das Komitee setzt sich für den Erhalt des Wallfahrtsorts ein und möchte dessen Fortbestehen langfristi

Projekt Mariastein 2025 – Kloster Mariastein

Ein Patronatskomitee für das Projekt Mariastein 2025 Am 12. Oktober 2019 traf sich das Patronatskomitee für das Projekt Mariastein 2025 zum ersten Mal. Ihm gehören 29 Persönlichkeiten aus allen Bereichen des öffentlichen Lebens der Nor

Symposium de prévoyance – Lausanne

16. Mai 2019

Thomas Borer held a presentation about the geopolitical situation and the role of Switzerland

Litigation-PR Conference – Winterthur

8. Juni 2016

Thomas Borer held at the Litigation-PR Conference 2016 the keynote speech on the topic "Media as a transmission belt in crisis diplomacy".

Poggenpohl Symposium- 27.11.2015 – Lucerne

Thomas Borer spoke about the geopolitical challenges of Switzerland with regards to the real estate and construction industry and participated at the round table with representatives of politics, economy and society.

Invest’15 – 01.10.2015 – Geneva

Invest'5 is a forum exclusively dedicated to wealth management professionals, gathering each year about 2000 visitors. Thomas Borer spoke about the impact of international political decisions on the financial markets.

Pfeffinger Forum – 12.05.2015 – Pfeffingen

The Pfeffinger Forum in 2015 was dedicated to the conflicts in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Under the motto "The great dream of peace" spoke exponents from politics, media and the army.

Stockacher Narrengericht anniversary celebration – 01.02.2014 – Stockack, Germany

The Stockacher Narrengericht celebrates 700 years Battle of Morgarten with witty former ambassador Thomas Borer on stage.

The Stockacher Narrengericht celebrates 700 years Battle of Morgarten with witty former ambassador Thomas Borer on stage.

Economic integration and political isolation: Switzerland’s balancing act – 22.10.2014 – Zurich, Papiersaal

High-level conference aimed at reviewing and updating country and sector risks with Thomas Borer as a speaker.

Neuchâtel : pôle énergétique de la Suisse ? – 10.04.2013 – Centre Sportif, Auditorium, Couvet

Event of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Neuchâtel on the topic of energy with short presentations and a panel discussion with several local business representants and politicians.

foraus-Swiss Forum on Foreign Policy – 12.11.2012 – Bern, Salon de la Grande Société

Panel discussion with Donald S. Beyer Jr., Thomas Borer, Martin Naville, Thomas Aeschi on the topic "After the Presidential Election – U.S. Politics Over the Next Four Years". Moderator Felix E. Müller​

PR-Symposium 2012 – 24.09.2012 – Basel, Grossratssaal, Rathaus Basel​

Panel discussion with Thomas Borer, Prof. Dr. Kurt Imhof, Christoph G. Meier, Hansi Voigt and Willy Surbeck on the topic "The Power of the Media!". Moderator: Baschi Dürr. ​

Efficiency Club – 19.09.2012 – Zurich, The Dolder Grand

Panel discussion with Thomas Borer, Peer Steinbrück, Oswald Grübel and Klaus-Michael Kühne on the topic of “Consequences of the European economic and financial crisis”. Moderator: Reto Brennwald.​


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